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Beier Beirette Model II 35mm viewfinder film camera 1965
Beier - Beirette (Model II) - 35mm viewfinder film camera (1965)
beirette 35mm camera
Beirette v early model w/ E. Ludwig Meritar 45mm f/2.9, Model II shutter by Süleyman Demir (Image rights)
Smena 8M (GOMZ) - 35mm film (plastic body), viewfinder camera (
Beirette SL 100 image by Chemnitzer (Image rights)
Beirette SL 200, third model, with Meritar 45 mm 1:2.8 lens and Priomat shutter without PC socket. image by Chemnitzer (Image rights)
Beirette SL 200, first model, with bare metal front cover, Meritar 45 mm 1:2.9 lens and Priomat shutter with PC socket. image by Chemnitzer (Image rights)
Third model Beirette, 1959, with E. Ludwig Meritar 45 mm 1:2.9 lens and Junior II shutter. image by Chemnitzer (Image rights)
M.I.O.M. - Photax Blinde - 620 film camera, 6x9cm exposures, Bakelite body, telescoping
Ricoh AF-5 - 35mm compact autofocus camera (1982).
Kodak Pony IV - 35mm film camera (1957-1961)
BEIER BEIRETTE VSN 35mm east german camera work +case Light Meter, Shutter Speed,
Beirette v, (1960s), w/ Ludwig Meritar f/2.9 & Junior II shutter
Kershaw 110 - 120 film, 6x6cm exposures, folding camera (1954-1957)
Currently at the #Catawiki auctions: Beier Beirette 35mm Film Camera - 1950s
Beirette Electronic 35mm Film Camera -New Battery -Good Condition -Fully Working
Beirette vsn with Priomat shutter & 1:2.8 Meritar lens, PC sync and hot shoe image by AWCam (Image rights)
Voigtländer Vito B (1954) - 35mm viewfinder film camera. F/3.5 Color
Voigtländer Vito CL - 35mm viewfinder camera with coupled meter, Color Skopar 2.8/50mm lens & Pronto 6-speed shutter (1962)
Beier Beirette vs 35mm Film Viewfinder Camera with case and flash - Tested and working - c.1974
FED-3 Russian Rangefinder Soviet Vintage USSR Film Camera + Industar-61 L/
Beirette Electronic, c.1980 image by Alf Sigaro (Image rights)
Beirette 35, (1987)
Beirette SL 300, second model, with Meritar 45 mm 1:2.9 lens and Priomat shutter with PC socket. image by Chemnitzer (Image rights)
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Functional SMENA 8 lomo camera 1960s
Classic Rangefinder Yashica Electro 35mm Film Camera from about 1972. If you like film photography
Olympus OM1 35mm SLR Film Camera with 50mm lens | Olympus om 1 | Pinterest | Film camera, RC Lens and Cameras
Beirette vsn 2, 1989 - the last of the Beirettes image by Chemnitzer (Image rights)
Voigtländer Vito C - 35mm viewfinder film camera with rounded body (1960-1967)
vintage Beirette camera and case Ludwig Meritar Lens
FED 2 RARE Vintage Russian Soviet Film Camera 35mm copy Leica + Industar-22 M39
Kiev 4 (Type-3) made by Arsenal (1957)- 35mm rangefinder camera (clone Contax) #CamerasByContax
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Fed 4 35mm rangefinder camera
Welcome to the Petrakla Classic Camera Site.
Carl Zeiss Werra 1 (olive) -35mm film, viewfinder camera with Tessar 2.8
BEIER BEIRETTE VSN 35mm east german camera work +case | BEIER BEIRETTE VSN | Pinterest | Camera and German
The digital camera industry has been on a nostalgic kick as of late, replicating the rugged aesthetics and feel of shooters dating back to the late 1930s.
Chinon CA-4 (1980) - 35mm SLR film camera with AE & AF
Zorki 6, functional vintage 35mm film analog rangefinder camera, Soviet prime portrait Jupiter 2 50mm f:2 lens, Lens cap, Genuine leather
Beirette k100 image by Chemnitzer (Image rights)
Vintage Beirette Vsn Camera
Apart from the same specs that its predecessor has, this model features a new Heidosmat viewfinder lens and a Rollei S-Apogon main lens with ...
Alpa 9d : : 35mm SLR camera. TTL metering. c. 1965-1969
Revue (Rollop) / Franka Werke - 35mm film, viewfinder camera (1965)
Beirette electric SL 400 image by Chemnitzer (Image rights)
Beier Beirette Camera Hard Cover 2,9/45 Leather Hard Cover Vintage Retro Germany
sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2015
Beirette SL 100N image by Justin Jakobson (Image rights)
The Mamiya 6 system, introduced in May is a 6 x square) rangefinder camera taking 120 and 220 film with three interchangeable lenses of and
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Agfa Super Silette Rangefinder Camera - 35mm - #O55
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Iloca Ia - 35mm film, viewfinder camera (c1951)
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Vintage Minolta QTsi Maxuum 35 mm SLR Film Camera Asphirical Quantaray 28-80mm Lens
Kiev 4M Olympic - Made by Arsenal (1979-1980) - 35mm rangefinder camera
Beirette SL 300, third model with Meritar 45 mm 1:2.8 lens and Priomat shutter without PC socket. image by Chemnitzer (Image rights)
Beirette vsn, (1987) w/ Meritar f2.8 & Priomat shutter by Marino M.
Belca Beltica II - 35mm folding camera (1951)
Tianjin Eastar - 35mm film camera. (c1965)
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beirette camera Vsn
Vintage beirette camera L
Voigtländer Vito CL - 35mm viewfinder camera with coupled meter, Color Skopar 2.8/50mm
Original Beirette 1V Camera
Currently at the #Catawiki auctions: Rangefinder camera Zorki 11 - 1960s
Beier Beirette model 11 viewfinder camer
Boots Beirette 35mm camera 1964. Freitaler Kameraindustrie Beier ...
Boots Beirette BL (sold in England and Mexico) by Goodimages (Image rights)
Agfa Super Silette L - 35mm rangefinder film camera (1958)
c.1970 (?) Beirette vs,with Priomat shutter and 1:2.9 Meritar lens Now with hot shoe and plastic lens barrel & rewind spindle image by AWCam (Image rights)
Beirette vsn (1970s)
Beirette vs, 1974?, with Meritar 45 mm 1:2.9 lens. Depth of field scale is replaced by a transparent plastic ring and the shutter is not named.
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Rangefinder Group. The Fujica GER is a new recruit this summer. The first film through it proved that it has the right qualities to be in this team.
Rare BEIRETTE MODEL II Merltar 2.9/45 E.Ludwig c1950's Vintage Camera -Germany
Canon Canonet QL 25 (1965)
Rare Vintage Camera - Beirette VS VGC - in case
Yashica FR II (1977-1981)
Beirette Junior Camera
A friend gave me this immaculate Zorki-4 that belonged to his father. I know it served him well for many years. I must put a film on it and give it a ...
Vintage Beirette Camera 35mm
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Olympus 35 EC - 35mm film camera (1969)
Beier Beirette Meyer Optics Germany 3,5/45 Trioplan Vintage Retro Camera Antique
Finetta 88 35mm viewfinder camera