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Destoyed Stug III during Prague uprising WW2 WESTERN FRONT
Destoyed Stug III during Prague uprising
The StuG III was studied to compose a guidebook on German vehicles that was so desperately needed at the front. Because of this, trials were performed in an ...
Stug III in Russia. As you can see there is a zimmerit on this Stug. Zimmerit was a paste-like coating used on mid- and late-war German armored fighting ...
These is a photo of the W-SS pulling out of Prague during the Prague Uprising in May '45. Note the corpse on the bonnet of the SdKfz, and the PzGren ...
Burning T-34-76 seen from a Sturmgeschütz III - 1941 Ww2 History,
Liberation of Prague by Red Army, photo: Karel Hájek, ...
The second captured StuG III Ausf. B from StuG. Abt. 197.
At the end of WW2, during Prague Uprising, resistance fighters had this Hetzer tank - without a cannon. They sealed the hole with a sheet of armor with a ...
Stug III Ausf B, eastern front summer 1941, pin by Paolo Marzioli Panzer Iii
WW2 German self-propelled guns&tank destroyers-Hetzer,Marder,Jagdpanther,Elefant,StuG,Sturmtiger etc - YouTube
Sturmgeschutz StuG III in Sieradz Poland. #stugiii #sturmgeschütziii #assaultgun #sieradz #
It outclassed the WWII panzers in any imaginable way and almost immediately, two Syrian Panzer IVs were destroyed. Others were abandoned by their crews and ...
A column of German assault guns StuG III on the March to the Caucasus
TRACK-LINK / Gallery / Hetzer, Prague Uprising 1945 Prague, Ww2, Tanks
Two german soldiers, eastern front.
Czech resistance fighters with captured German weapons and equipment parade through Prague during the Uprising (May 5, 1945). Czech police officers burst ...
Getting a ride: German infantrymen hitch a ride aboard a StuG III assault gun as they cross some emptiness on the Eastern Front. Undated.
This StuG had the personal name "Prinz Eugen".
Prague Uprising, 5th - 9th May 1945 battle for the town hall (in the pictures) On May 5, Czech police officers burst into the radio station at Vinohradská ...
The Battle of Kursk was the largest tank battle ever fought.
Soviet ASU-85 in Prague, 1968 | Cold War | Pinterest | Prague, Prague spring and History
A Sturmgeschütz III Ausf G in Ukraine on the Eastern Front. September 1943.
Stug III #sturmgeschütz #iii #assaultgun #tank #armoredvehicle #wwii #stug
Soldiers walking next to a StuG 3 while serving in Russia in 1942
"Operation Barbarossa" -Russia, 1941 #stug #stugiii #1/35. "
May 1945, Prague: Retreating SS troops after an agreement with local resistance for safe passage. On May 9, one day after this photo was taken, ...
stug-Ⅳ Armored Vehicles, World War Ii, Panzer Iv, Military Photos,
WW2 Surviving Panzers-German StuG&StuH-Guide list with photos Sturmgeschütz III Sturmhaubitze 42
Sturmgeschütz III
Swiss Army G-13
American soldiers driving a trophy StuG III Ausf.G, Western Front, date unknown
WORLD WAR II: POLISH TANK. A JSU-152 tank of the Polish 1st
That same vehicle at the NIIBT Proving Grounds, early September of 1941. The damage to the suspension and the letter E on the side can be clearly seen.
A StuG III G of the Combatgroup "Schill" passing two scared horses in Slovakia
Battle of the Kerch Peninsula
Prague Uprising, 5th - 9th May 1945 battle for the town hall (in the pictures) On May 5, Czech police officers burst into the radio station at Vinohradská ...
40/43M Zrinyi II 🇭🇺 (@ibg_models 1/72) #zrinyi
T-34s used by the Russian Liberation Army during the Prague Uprising, May 5th - May 8th 1945.
Prague Uprising, 5th - 9th May 1945 battle for the town hall (in the pictures) On May 5, Czech police officers burst into the radio station at Vinohradská ...
Sturmgeschütz III #sturmgeschütz #stugiii #stug #assaultgun #rynnäkkötykki # wwii #mobilephotography
Prague Uprising, 5th - 9th May 1945 battle for the town hall (in the pictures) On May 5, Czech police officers burst into the radio station at Vinohradská ...
(A StuG III during a communist parade in Bucharest after WWII, when Romania's roundel was an inverse outline of the Soviet star.)
Sturmgeschütz III/StuG III German Assault Gun The Stug III was based on the Panzer
English description is below. ⬇⬇⬇ -----
One of a few Sturmgeschütz III assault guns sent to North Africa, date unknown.
( @ww2_in_color ). Stug III ...
(Syrian Panzer IV; this one was most likely from the ex-Spanish batch. A Syrian StuG III is behind it; both captured by Israel in 1967.)
The spraypainted “94” was applied by the Israelis after the ceasefire, during a census of destroyed vehicles to estimate how much ...
German soldiers hitching a ride on a Sturmgeschütz III or IV assault gun, possibly on
(This Syrian Panzer IV near Mt. Hermon was “racked” (suffered a penetrating hit resulting in it's ammunition exploding) during the Six Day War.)
(Destroyed Syrian StuG III in the Golan Heights. This was one that had been half-buried as a makeshift pillbox before the war.)
(A captured Syrian Panzer IV Ausf J in Tel Aviv, next to a captured Egyptian T-34. This shows the empty ball mount for the bow machine gun.
A Finnish soldier sits atop a StuG III assault gun the day after the Battle of
The 76 mm F-34 achieved different results and made Swiss cheese from the StuG at all distances. The armour caved in upon impact, forming many fragments.
Chwat, polish insurgent
The front armour of even the StuG III Ausf. A was 50 mm. The vehicle was reliably protected from the 37 mm gun. The PzIII and PzIV only received improved ...
WWII StuG III assault gun Tank Russia winter 1941 1:72 no diecast Easy Model
(Syrian Panzer IV Ausf J destroyed in 1967. The Golan Heights were heavily land-mined and littered with UXO after the war, and the area itself is rugged ...
Third Battle of Kharkov. Part of the Eastern Front of World War II
Brickmania inspired Stug.III G, my favorite tank of WWII. Thanks @brickmaniatoys
(A UN peacekeeper atop a knocked-out StuG III after the Six Day War.)
Re: Operation Konrad and Spring Awakening
Wooden mock-up of the Jagdpanzer 39(t) Hetzer
Details up close, rear.
It should be noted that, together, the factories never delivered as much as 300 vehicles monthly. The maximal output was performed by BMM, 155 in a month.
(A Syrian StuG III Ausf G captured by Israel in 1967.)
Destroyed German tanks in Belarus
Chwat ...
Sturmgeschütz III in Prague, Czechoslovakia, date unknown. #sturmgeschütziii #stugiii #assaultgun
A destroyed German self-propelled gun StuG III on the Boulevard of Liberation in Belgrade. Picture taken on October 18, 1944 - at the height of the battle ...
ROA soldiers man a barricade in Prague, May 1945. The Prague Uprising was one of the few major battles fought by Russian Liberation Army, in which they and ...
Red Armymen posing on a captured StuG III from StuG. Abt. 197, August 1941.
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Erik William Thackrey ( @erik_thackrey98 ). StuG III Ausf.
Marder II
Simon Clark ( @simonclark_photography ). StuG.
Start a WorldWar in your heart ( @worldwar2.memes )
Erik William Thackrey ( @erik_thackrey98 ). Sturmgeschütz ...
Erik William Thackrey ( @erik_thackrey98 )
Erik William Thackrey ( @erik_thackrey98 )
An injured German officer on the pavement, during the Prague Uprising on May 5, 1945.
#BT-42#rynnäkkötykki#stormkanon#assaultgun #ainoa romutukselta säilynyt#GirlsandPanzer
Building up the first layer of dirt deposits on the lower hull of the StuG.