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Gnraux de la SSWVHA t
Généraux de la SS-WVHA (SS-Wirtschaftsverwaltungshauptamt; Département des affaires économiques et
SS commercial operations[edit]
Georg Loerner
Division C Chief: SS Oberfuehrer Dr. Ing. Kammler with offices:
August Frank
Oswald Pohl - head of the WVHA
Oswald Pohl (1892-1951), SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS, Chef SS-Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungshauptamtes zugleich Chef der Amtsgruppe W ...
Theodor Eicke
SS troops stand at attention for inspection. This image is from an album of SS
Pohl Death Sentence.jpg
SS and the Camp System
Richard Glücks.jpg
... as I have already stated, the active service guards were transferred for military duties and their places were taken by reservists from the general SS.
SS Gen Hans Kammler
On 01-02-1942, both institutions were combined into the SS Wirtschaft- Verwaltungshauptamt with Pohl in charge; among other things, the SS-WVHA was in ...
SS-Sturmbannführer Hans Loritz (1932/1933)
The SS Wirtschafts und Verwaltungshauptamt (WVHA; Economic and Administrative Main Office) was established in March 1942, with Oswald Pohl as its chief.
WVHA Organizational Chart (click text to enlarge)
Dr. Ing. Hans Kammler (1909-1945?), SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Waffen-SS, Chef Amtsgruppe C SS-Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungsh…
Defendant Oswald Pohl is sentenced to death by hanging.
On 01-02-1942, both institutions were combined into the SS Wirtschaft- Verwaltungshauptamt with Pohl in charge; among other things, the SS-WVHA was in ...
Pieter Menten (dressed in SS Uniform)
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Most of the older commandants and commanders felt that the prisoners employed in the commercial undertakings were too well treated and also that the heads ...
Juli 1944 SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Waffen-SS Heinz Lammerding December 9, 1943 to July 26, 1944 SS Brigade Commander and Major General of the ...
In its role as the administrative department of the SS, the WVHA had an important function in both the Allgemeine SS and the Waffen SS.
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Subsequent Nuremberg Proceedings, Case #4: The Pohl Case | The Holocaust Encyclopedia
Karl Wolff as an SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS with second pattern of SS collar tab.
Allgemeine SS: organización general. ALLGEMEINE SS : ORGANIZACIÓN GENERAL
SS officers meet during the dedication ceremonies of the new SS hospital.
Sylvester Stadler,SS-Oberführer, later commanding officer Waffen-SS "Hohenstaufen" division, 1943.
After the death of Heinrich Himmler on 22nd May 1945, Himmler's mistress Hedwig ...
Place of Birth: Tutzing/Oberbayern. NSDAP No: 1929969. SS No: 142388. SS Rank:Sturmbannführer. Division/Branch/Arm of SS Org: SS-TV and WVHA.
Arthur Liebehenschel
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Amon Goeth in his SS uniform
This incredibly hard-to-find Allgemeine SS Artikel- und Preisliste Nr. 3 für die Bekleidung und Ausrüstung der Schutzstaffeln der NSDAP is 100% original to ...
A chart designating the chain of command in the Economic and Administrative Main Office (the
Inspection by the Nazi party and Himmler at the Dachau concentration camp on 8 May 1936
The Business of Genocide: The SS, Slave Labor, and the Concentration Camps: Michael Thad Allen: 9780807856154: Amazon.com: Books
Confessions and trial testimony of Rudolf Hoess - Commandant of Auschwitz
SS-Unterscharführer Unidentified Panzer Soldier of Waffen-SS.
Gustav Lombard (10 April 1895 – 18 September 1992) Luftwaffe, Division,
Otto Winkelmann (1894-1977), SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Polizei, Höhere SS- und Polizeiführer in Ungarn, Ritterkreuz des KVK mit Schwertern 16.12. ...
American generals watch a demonstration of the whipping block at Ohrdruf camp
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SS-Sturmmann Fritz Christen. Richtschz en 2,/SS-Pz.Jäg.Abt. 3 “Totenkopf”. RK. 20.10.1941.
Division/Branch/Arm of SS Org: WVHA.
Instructions to SS officials at Lublin and Auschwitz for the disposition of property confiscated from Jews sent to concentration camps (translation)
Confirmation of the takeover of prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, 1943, 82107607/ ITS Digital Archive. (click to see document details)
und Verwaltungshauptamt Deutsche Wirtschaftsbetriebe--WVHA/) National
SS officers Oswald Pohl (left) and Ernst Schmauser (center) visit Auschwitz.
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SS officers socialize on the grounds of the SS retreat Solahuette outside of Auschwitz.
Himmler's elevation to the newly created rank of Reichsführer-SS, or RfSS, which set him above all others, suddenly made him untouchable.
... Page 1,308
Dr. Lolling shakes the hand of Dr. Eduard Wirths during the dedication of the new SS hospital in Auschwitz.
One page from an album created by adjutant to the commandant Karl Hoecker, depicting SS activities in and around the Auschwitz concentration camp.
SS Gruppenführer Georg Lörner
Heinrich Himmler
Nazi officers watch Commandant Richard Baer shakes hands with Karl Bischoff during the dedication of the new SS hospital in Auschwitz.
Un détachement d'hommes de Trawniki attend les ordres du SS-Brigadeführer Jürgen Stroop (deuxième à partir de la droite) pendant la répression du ...
... Page 1,304
... Page 1,285
NCOs of the SS-VT signals battalion in October 1935. All wear the 'SS/lightning bolt' collar patch, which from a distance looks like three Sig-Runes side by ...
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und Verwaltungshauptamt Deutsche Wirtschaftsbetriebe WVHA/) National
Three SS officers chat on the grounds of the SS retreat, Solahuette, outside of Auschwitz.
The Schutzstaffel (often shortened to the SS) were an elite society with the Nazi Party and were largely responsible for many of the extreme human right ...
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... Page 6,739
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5 Origen ...
Himmler, Wolff and SS-Gruppenführer Heinrich Schmauser, Führer of Oberabschnitt Süd, inspecting men of the 34th SS Fuss-Standarte at Weilheim in December ...
SS officers socialize in their retreat at Solahuette outside of Auschwitz.
SS men at Hamburg railway station, c. 1934–5. Both styles of death's head are being worn on the cap during this transitional period.
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