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Innovation Generating Electricity From Water myFC Power Trekk
Innovation : Generating Electricity From Water !!! myFC Power Trekk charger uses water as
The MyFC PowerTrekk charger relies on fuel cell technology developed at KTH.
powertrekk water power fuel cell ...
water power for gadgets
myFC introduces the second-generation PowerTrekk portable fuel cell charger
POWER TREKK a Fuel cell Charger
The PowerTrekk's built-in Li-ion battery pack has a capacity of 5.9 Wh. The rated input of the device is 500 mA, and the rated output of the device is 1000 ...
Mobile operator Three in Sweden, will now be the first to receive JAQ and shortly, providing customers to charge their mobile devices with green energy, ...
powertrekk water power fuel cell water-powered fuel cell charger
myFC PowerTrekk is a creative and innovative mobile charger that uses water as a source for creating electricity. With myfc, your mobiles and Smartphones ...
PowerTrekk 2.0 portable fuel cell charger packs 3x the power of the original
myFC PowerTrekk Fuel Cell iPhone charger that charges without electricity - CES 2014
The top portion of the powertrekk has a control panel which displays the internal battery level, a light indicating energy creation through the fuel cell, ...
The myFC PowerTrekk has a unique design that allows a small amount of water to be manipulated into hydrogen gas to produce instant energy to power your ...
The PowerPukk is required to react with water to generate electricity. Image Credit: MYFC. The PowerTrekk ...
myFC is leading the way in portable, eco-friendly fuel cell chargers for mobile devices. myFC's JAQ—self-generating electricity with recyclable water and ...
The Swedish innovation company myFC is carrying out the world's largest user test of fuel cell chargers in association with mobile operator 3 Sweden.
PowerTrekk phone charger converts water to electricity (for a price) | MNN - Mother Nature Network
The PowerTrekk Smartphone charger comes with PowerPukk, USB cable and then you just add water!
Harness the power of water while on the go with SiGNa Chemistry's PowerTrekk | Digital Trends
myFC and 3 Sweden sign an exclusive cooperation contract
myFC is a Swedish technology company and leader in portable, environmentally friendly fuel cell solutions for mobile devices. In the past year, ...
With fuel cells, the beach itself can fuel your phone.
Devices are charged via USB, and the PowerTrekk keeps users informed of what's going on
So I got all excited when I read news about a water based charger from the guys at Powertrekk.
First water-powered fuel-cell charger, launched by Sweden-based myFC
Now charge your mobile phones using water
Mist box saves you money by cooling the air surrounding your air conditioner's condenser unit.
This portable water turbine allows you to charge your mobile devices using the power of flowing water. Aptly named Estream, the portable generator can be ...
... the PowerCard, generating electricity for smartphones, tablets and other USB compatible electronics with the help of material including water and salt.
photo: myFC PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger power storage
About a tablespoon of water is added to the central well of the PowerPukk after it's
Water and salt are enclosed in the cartridge, and it is said that hydrogen necessary for power generation of ...
Mobile fuel cell "JAQ" capable of generating electricity with water and salt will appear in 2016
All it takes is a myFC puck and a little water to create usable electricity
The PowerTrekk could appeal most to campers, aid workers or the military. PowerTrekk chargers convert water into electricity ...
Portable Generator Runs on Water!!
Sweden-based myFC continues to make technical breakthroughs in integrated green energy for all types of portable electronics. The company is now unveiling ...
Hiker checks dead battery on smartphone... against wild valley backdrop. Photo via. Fuel cell specialist Intelligent Energy ...
Out of the box, the internal battery shown to be 75% full. This was indicated by 3 of the 4 green lights on the control panel. There are two ways to charge ...
When water is added to the central well of the PowerPukk, the charger's proton exchange membrane starts to convert the hydrogen into electricity.
portable smartphone battery charger - fuel cell renewable energy
The PowerTrekk 2-in-1 portable charger is the first to use Mobile-
The PowerTrekk is small enough to fit in your hand and in your pocket!
The PowerTrekk could become an essential part of camping and mountaineering.
Buildings could soon be able to convert the sun's energy into electricity without the need for solar panels, thanks to innovative new technology.
myFC Debuts World's Smallest Portable Fuel Cell Charger at Mobile World Congress - myFC
Hydrogen fuel cell built-in portable charger "myFC POWER CHARGER" which can generate electricity only by water and can charge smaho was actually used - ...
With all of today's gadgets and gizmos, people are always needing a way to power their devices. Unfortunately for some people, the places they travel are ...
innovative hydrofill charging station
myFC introduces PowerTrekk 2.0: Unique charger that runs on water... - myFC
Swedish myFC's portable fuel cell charger JAQ, designed by Aruliden, has received the prestigious Good Design Award in the category Electronics.
The PowerTrekk 2.0 will hit the market in October
The PowerTrekk 2.0 has upgraded capabilities over the original
Forget plugs, charge your mobile with a WIND TURBINE: Portable propeller harnesses breezes to power up a phone
Charging Smartphones with Water - The MYFC Powertrekk. Download PDF Copy; Request Quote. Kris Walker
CrankCase – Power up your iPhone from your motion
It instantly within a minute starts producing the electricity. The myFC PowerTrekk ...
MyFC was held in Las Vegas, USACES 2016It is announced at the same time that real marketing is coming up too soon.Some press coverageThe JAQ will be a ...
Power Practical's PowerPot V
Stuck in traffic? Stuck in the forest? Stuck without electricity? Well atleast you
hand crank battery radio
Fuel cell is a device that extracts electric power by reacting fuel such as hydrogen chemically, and this JAQ is a small version of fuel cell itself.
Fuel cell is a device that extracts electric power by reacting fuel such as hydrogen chemically, and this JAQ is a small version of fuel cell itself.
innovative hydrofill charging station
PowerTrekk; Emergency kit. Emergency kit for natural disasters. Cook you dinner and recharge your phone at the same time
Overseas, the Powertrekk ...
And you'll soon have another option, but one that requires no sunshine or movement or heat to produce power.
myFC POWERTREKK 2.0 charger
SiGNa Chemistry has received funding from USAID to develop portable hydrogen fuel technology, such as
Can you power a phone with water?
Problems of the Powertrekk ...
Unlike other external batteries, the myFC PowerTrekk can charge your device by using a teaspoon of water and a myFC PowerTrekk Pukk.
Smaller, Cheaper Microbial Fuel Cells Turn Urine into Electricity
The myFC PowerTrekk retails online for $229.99 and the Powertrekk Pucks are sold separately in 3-packs for $12.99.
innovative hydrofill charging station
myFC PowerTrekk Charger and In-The-Bag Gear Grab at Summer Outdoor Retailer
eton frx3
SunVolt Portable Solar Power Station
Download full-size image
Spotted at IFA: MyFC PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger
Freeplay Summit Radio: The multi green energy rechargeable power radio
innovative hydrofill charging station
PowerTrekk. PowerPot. Start a fire, fill PowerPot up and as the water begins to boil, it converts heat into electricity to charge your phone. [$ 149.00]
This 8-inch tablet uses the 1GHz Marvell ARMADA PXA618 processor, 512MB of RAM and comes with a 1024×768-resolution LCD, or a lower cost Pixel Qi ...
myFC PowerTrekk
innovative hydrofill charging station
hination hilight