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Old tape recorder Remember the pastThe good old days
8-Track Player/ Recorder with 8 Tapes by retromodstore on Etsy
Those Were The Days, The Good Old Days, Tape Recorder, I Remember When
Do you remember the tape recorder
I remember this happening I Remember When, Sweet Memories, Childhood Memories, 1980s,
reel to reel tape Those Were The Days, The Good Old Days, Do You
I remember how magical I found it when my dad taped me on a reel to reel tape recorder and I heard my voice for the first time.
old tape recorder. #funnyjokesquotespictures ☺🙋 ***18+ #entertainment site***
Boombox Cassette Tape, Cassette Recorder, Vintage Stuff, Old School, My Childhood Memories
Remember Cassettes, our primary source of music in good ol' days
Disaster when the cassette recorder ate your cassette and ruined it
Panasonic Portable Cassette Recorder Player, I would record my favorite songs off the radio. Spent years with this thing
Cassette Player-- I loved mine. remember trying to be really quiet while you taped songs off the radio?
Most of these machines and tapes still work gloriously after all these years. Note the RCA plug inputs on the side of the unit. They're STILL compatible ...
MAKE A MIX TAPE! Its hard to come by cassettes these days let alone cassette players. None the less, making someone a mixtape, or a playlist on spotify or ...
The Cassette MP3 Player
Reel to Reel Tape Recorders. Montgomery Ward Catalog, 1968. | Bazooka Joe
audio cassette tape recorder
This mix-tape was a running trope through the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'
Nowadays, even the most desperate crackhead won't bother to bust your car window to steal a CD player, much less a cassette deck.
A 31-year-old Pioneer SX-1980 receiver, still sounding great today. Brent Butterworth
Another Reason the Old Days Weren't So Great: Car Audio - The Truth About Cars
Super small, but not super sounding
The cover with the AC plug popped out using a pen knife in the seam with remarkably little effort. There was some glue but not much.
The Best Voice Recorder
Picture of Recording Devices
When you get into the retro game, you'll meet people who will do anything to justify their devotion to their old favorites. It's subjective; love what you ...
Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Audio Equipment and Other Miscellaneous Stuff
The inside of a VCR. Not all video tape recorders use a cassette ...
Cassettes - better than you don't remember
From walking around the video rental shop, to pausing a recording when it came to the adverts: just some of our VHS memories.
Blank tapes, as well as pre-recorded titles like these, were made available.
An N1500 video recorder, with wooden cabinet
Most of us old enough to have grown up with cassette tapes have fond memories of recording off the radio, copying albums, or making mix tapes.
Not all video tape recorders use a cassette to contain the videotape. Early models of consumer video tape recorders (VTRs), and most professional broadcast ...
Radio Ga Ga: Portable radio-cassette players, released by Sony in 1973, ...
JH-24 Tape Deck, from Flickr user Ronan_C
Vintage microphone
No, let's not bring back the dreaded cassette tape
Even though I write a lot about old ...
The Bad Old Days of Telephone Answering Machines
Top-loading cassette mechanisms (such as the one on this VHS model) were common on early domestic VCRs.
Ampex and Sony were the companies that REALLY pushed for the cassette's survival in it's early days and paved the way for other companies such as Maxell, ...
You can download any song that takes your fancy. You can store thousands in a box that fits in the palm of your hand... But isn’t something, well, ...
1st ever domestic video tape recorder? Library picture.
TDK Super Dynamic - First Hi-Fi Tape 1968 (Credit: Duncan Toms)
Top: A fraction of Don Campau's home-tape collection, including cassettes by Eric
X-Men: A Tale of the Portable Tape
Top: Bucks Burnett with a Frank Zappa tape in his Dallas museum. Above:
The current setting resistor is socketed so a different value could be installed.
The overall quality of the packaging and construction of the cube itself are very convincing, almost indistinguishable from the known genuine Apple charger ...
In the early 1960s when I was very young, I remember the TV adverts for this Philips portable recorder. I always wanted one but in those days could not ...
Time Trial
For those of us who grew up in the cassette era, “mixtape” isn't just a backronym; we can actually remember listening to music that was encoded on a spool ...
Which Sony Walkman? Retro Buyers Guide.
At 15 VDC, the current is around 100 mA and it appears similar in brightness to a normal iPad somewhat above mid-setting. The DC-DC converter has a voltage ...
*sniff* [VHS video cassette]
Illustration of photos coming out of a VHS tape
However, Smith is quick to point out that cassettes don't have to sound bad, citing metal veterans Warlord, who recently re-released their 1983 EP Deliver ...
The art of noise: how music recording has changed over the decades | Music | The Guardian
JENSEN MCR-100 Cassette Player/Recorder
Record companies began doing extra gimmicks such as adding extra songs to the cassette versions of their albums to help foster ...
Philips V2000 format video cassette recorder
New hope for those left behind with 8-Track machines
Two sides of one of the 54 tapes McGee received from Jaffe, a 1982 recordings
The very first cassette tape recorder, from 1963
See iPad Mini 1 LCD and Battery Connectors.
The PCB from a certifiably dead LCD is used simply for its LED connector. (The rest of it could simply be chopped off.) For this test, power is 20 VDC with ...
reduce audio noise
A Betamax cassette
The TEAC 2340, a popular early (1973) home multitrack recorder, four tracks on ¼ inch tape.
The first time you saw a video player
In the early 1960s when I was very young, I remember the TV adverts for this Philips portable recorder. I always wanted one but in those days could not ...
A music fan reaches for a collection of cassette tapes
Size comparison between a Betamax cassette (top) and a VHS cassette (bottom).
Cassette Tape Recorder. There ...
First Walkman - Sony TPS-L2 - 1979 (Credit: Flickr user rockheim via Creative Commons). There is no way a portable stereo cassette player ...
Whether you're a wet‑behind‑the‑ears newbie, or have many years' recording experience under your belt, the chances are that you do a lot of your mixing work ...
One of the 54 tapes Jaffe sent McGee of their early '80s recordings made on
Sticky belt debris still attached to everything.
Not because we're afraid of good old-fashioned tech fisticuffs, but because they're often completely unjust. So often, the format that wins isn't ...
RECORDING WEEK: Once upon a time, everything in the recording studio was analogue - mics, mixers, outboard, tape… everything. In recent years, of course, ...
But many are skeptical about the cassette resurgence. They'll point out that hardly anyone even has a tape player anymore, and accuse cassette connoisseurs ...
The 'Good Old Days' of the Trump Presidency
Image via Wikimedia Commons
Image: Marantz 10B FM tuner
Ian Brady and Myra Hindley
Weighing in at a whopping 23.3lbs (batteries included), it required 10 D cells to power its two 8" woofers. But that was back in 1988 when sound superseded ...