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Stone sculpture of Rati from Naganatha Temple Bijapur district
Stone sculpture of Rati, from Naganatha Temple, Bijapur district, Karnataka, India,
Lajja gauri- the Shameless Goddess
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Visha kanya Celestial, Fatale, Temple, Sculptures, Statues, Organizations, Female Assassin
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Kama (left) with Rati on a temple wall of Chennakesava Temple, Belur.
Poster kho phangan - Götter der Erde in grün Thailand Bilder, Celestial, Murals,
MetaMetta Mother Goddess, Divine Mother, Element Terre, Thai Art, Buddhism, Sacred
Stone carving on panel of the Sri Kamakshi Amman temple, Kanchipuram
Rati Devi Goddess Of Love, Divine Feminine, Hinduism
Lot 43 - Stone Sculpture of Parvati, South India, Century StoneSouth India,
Shiva, Filing, Spirituality, Indian Gods, Mythology, Spiritual, Lord Shiva
Vishnu image in Cave temple No. 3
Chamunda with a scorpion Scorpion, Content, The O'jays, Shiva, Lord
Pattadakal - Ardhanarishvara (left half Shiva, right half Parvati) at the Kadasiddheswara temple
Sculpture of Rudrashiva, 5th- 6th century CE, Talagaon, Bilaspur, Chattisgarh housed at Mahant Ghasidas Museum, Raipur,Chattisgarh
Guardian Angel statue that guards the Garden of Eden. Sculpted by Roman Stanczac. Located at the Brodno Sculpture park in Warsaw, Poland.
Chamunda Hope You
Aundha Nagnath Temple
Ajanta Lady Looking at Mirror (Batik Painting on Cotton Cloth - Unframed)) Ajanta
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Stone sculpture of Rati, from Naganatha Temple, Bijapur district, Karnataka, India, c. 650 CE. Now in the archaeological museum of Badami, Karnatak…
Khajuraho - Woman applying makeup. Her attendant carries her supplies in a satchel. Indian
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The future's open wide beyond believing to know why hope dies.
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Mallikarjuna temple and Kashi Vishwanatha temple at Pattadakal, North Karnataka
rati devi - Szukaj w Google Hanuman, Durga, Shiva Shakti, Hare Krishna,
The Uma-Mahesvara is a depiction of the great Hindu god Shiva in an affectionate
A partly openwork buff sandstone stele of Uma Maheshvara. Central India, 11th century.
Chalukyan sculpture of Shiva in cave temple no. 1
Kudalasangama in Bagalkote district, Karnataka
Vaishnava Cave temple No. 3 at Badami, 578 CE
Shiva Statue, Señor Shiva, Krishna, Lord Shiva, Durga, Gods And Goddesses, Buddhism, Sacre, Tantra
Angel Statues, Grim Reaper, Cemetery, Death, Sculptures, The Reaper, Shinigami
Durga temple at Aihole
Badami cave temples - Artwork shows a collapsing sorrowful woman being helped.
Jai Bajrangbali ji Lord Shiva, Durga, Hanuman Chalisa, Shiva Shakti, Hindu Deities
Pattadakal - The Nataraja sukanasa on Jambulingeshwara temple spire.
Badami cave temples - A small cave rock carving of Anantashayana Vishnu.
Airavateshwara Temple, North wall, Darasuram near Kumbhakonam
Lot 88 - A BRASS VISHNU SHRINE South India, 19th century in five sections,
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Rati, Goddess of desire and sexual delight, wife of Kamadeva, company painting.
Sand sculptures of Toshihiko Hosaka (Japan) Ice Sculptures, Sculpture Art, Sculpture Ideas
View the Shiva Shakti Bronze Statue 11 Hindu Worship, Tantra, Tantric Yoga, Lord
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basava: male and female figure worshipping a “Shiva Linga”, Hampi, India
White Aesthetic, Aesthetic Grunge, Angel Aesthetic, True Blood, Gangsters, Crying Blood
Rati, the goddess of love. Tiruchchirappalli, India, early 19th century Goddess Of
Badrakali amma
grey Gothic Gargoyles, Cemetery Art, Cemetery Angels, Dark Images, Old Cemeteries,
The god Bhairava. Bengal, perhaps Chandannagar, 1760. Sitting on a throne (
Untitled front | Imago Mundi | Pinterest | Indian art, Exhibitions and Artwork
mounted on stallion with wing-shaped ears. Relief on the keystone of vault from Tjandi Sawentar an early century Vishnuite, Blitar, East
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Angel wings Weeping Angels, Angel Wings
Pictures, Photos of Khajuraho, India
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Melanophilia Cemetery Angels, Cemetery Art, Cemetery Statues, Cemetery Headstones, Cemetery Monuments,
Radha Krishna wall Hanging
Linga with three faces, enshrined with two worshippers, probably at the temple of Eklingji near Udaipur. with (uncorrect) caption. Gouache on paper.
Art of ancient India Khajuraho Temple, Jain Temple, North India, 11th Century,
There are no historical chronicles to know the patron of this exclusive Jain temple. But
Shiva within the sacrificial fire
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God Sitaram Religious Vintage India Old Hindu Print #38476
Bronze statue of Lord Shiva bringing the Goddess Ganga down to the earth in his matted
Pattadakal - Chandrashekhara temple.
वास्तुकला का अद्भुत नजारा पेश करती हैं प्राचीन मंदिरों व किलों की ये तस्वीरें, ...
Shivalinga Cover with Five Faces. India, Himachal Pradesh, 16th century. Sculpture.
Rati is the Hindu Goddess of Love, Carnal Desire, Lust, Passion and Sexual
Bagalamukhi Durga Maa, Shiva Shakti, Divine Mother, Divine Feminine, Sacred Feminine,
Lajja Gauri - This is a stone sculpture from Naganatha Temple, Bijapur District, Karnataka
buddhabe Buddha Statue Meaning, Buddha Statues, Meaning Of Buddha, Buddha Buddhism, Buddha
This article traces the story of Sita - wife of Rama - as told in Ramayana. Through the various tales of Rama, Ravana and Sita, the article portrays the ...
Pictures, Photos of Khajuraho, India
Aditi, Hindu goddess of the void, Statuette, Iron, 19th Century. Photo
Ugrah Narasimha
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Peter Fendi, Open bar party Vintage Drawing, Vintage Art, Peter O'toole
Indian hooded katar, with prominent yali's (leogryphs) and fish, 17th century,
sacred geometry art
Paramchaintanya Men Hindu Art, Ganesha, Radha Rani, Krishna Radha, Krishna Leela,
Santa Muerte T-Shirt
Indian Temples & Iconography
This moment, of Parvati attempting to cover her embarassment (Lajja) has been depicted in sculpture as Lajja Gauri showing her face covered with the lotus ...
Alidhanrita Shiva: Victory dance over evil
The Hindu Goddess Chamunda, Nepal, 14th century.
The Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara with a thousand arms and thousand eyes.