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Sampaints Recently finished The gathering storm inspired by one
Rand at Dragonmount, from "The Gathering Storm"
minnielikes: Wheel of Time - Teaser by minniearts I was in the.
Watcher of the Sealsby ~Alsdale inspired by the scene in Towers of Midnight in which
Elayne Trakand, by the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of
Ta'veren from The Wheel of Time Series. Inspired by Eric de Mander's rendition of the trio since I was flying blind Ta'veren
ajmartinart: “So I can finally post the finished picture!
Adam Reads the Wheel of Time
Elayne Trakand Royalty of Andor and also lays claim to the Sun Throne of Cairhien. She is an Aes Sedai of considerable strength in the One Power.
I've just finished re-listening to all the audiobooks *so many feels* and I keep thinking that Egwene's fate is definitely what affected me the most.
Mat Cauthon . . . this is surprisingly depressing . . . he's usually the one
Zarine faile bashere Character Ideas, Character Concept, Woman Warrior, Writing Prompts, Writing
Mat Cauthon is tied with Egwene as my favourite character in The Wheel of Time by
Rand al'Thor by Todd Hamilton
"The Wheel of Time" illustration
Morgase Trakand and Tallanvor (her sigil is three keys). Click to check out
Berelain Warrior Concept Art, Digital Art Girl, Fantasy Characters, Anime Characters, Female
Nynaeve al'Meara - Formerly the Wisdom of Emond's Field, now an Aes Sedai
I made a Rand piece to go with my last Nynaeve one. My babies *cries*
"Egwene al'Vere, watcher of the seals, flame of Tar Valon,
ok, here's my finished The Eye Of The World cover illustration and rough idea of
Lan and Rand, from the 9th book of the Wheel of Time. An awesome
m Rogue Arcane Trickster circus midlvl hiding out Legends of Norrath 1 by Conceptopolis
The #1 Wheel of Time source on Tumblr This blog is updated daily and has
Rand al'Thor the Dragon Reborn He Who Comes With the Dawn the Car'a'carn the Coramoor All references to The Wheel of Time are copyrighted by Tor Books a.
InterestPrint Decorative Standard Pillow Case Animals Birds animals birds crows ravens poe storm rain trees forest moon moonlight art artistic mood 20 One ...
Robert Jordan Wheel of Time Eye of the World comic book - issues
Page 1
The Wheel of Time: Timeline for
Little Nynaeve and Egwene Robert Jordan, Fantasy Book Series, Book Art, Books,
Orzhov Syndicate - Magic - The Gathering wallpaper
Learn how two dedicated makers of fairy houses became enchanted with the art form — and
He (Jesus) shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and Fire. Mathew A minha alma apega-se a ti; a tua mão direita me sustém.
23 years and now an ending. Wheel of Time (Started reading the series in
Rand al'Thor and Nynaeve al'Meara This is a symbolic depiction of the cleansing of Saidin from the Wheel of Time series.
I've recently finished Brandon Sandersons 'The stormlight archives' and what a fantastic journey, with magnificent characters.
Nynaeve al'Maera
WoT: Callandor by AlaisL.deviantart.com on @deviantART Fantasy Book Series,
UNIVERSEB | My art trade piece of Kelsier/Hoid for.
"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort." ~ Jane Austen
Artomancy — repost 2 Time Tumblr, Fantasy Books, Best Fantasy Series, Fantasy Art
f Wizard portrait urban town Michelle Tolo Artwork: Elayne Trakand, from the Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan.
Robert Jordan Wheel of Time Eye of the World comic book - issue #12 Best
I love all my Forsaken: Lanfear, Ishamael, Semirhage, Asmodean & the Dark One from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time (WoT) by shorelle on deviantart
Stumbled upon "Rand Weaving" by Hamdiggy, which was just a lineart the artist asked a charitable soul to color.
RAND AL'THOR A character of the Wheel of Time books written by Robert Jordan Traditional media: Copic markers and some gold and silver gel pen over p.
Behind Blue Eyes (Lan) by ~ReddEra on deviantART. Rather older than I
As The Wheel Turns: Photo Wheel Of Time Books, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson
Yav probably at/in/of a 'city state' atea(s)/region(s) [Book character - One -Eye.
Here's Rand al'Thor, cropped from a full drawing including him, Mat, and an .
Something a little quicker, inspired by Brandon Sandersons first mistborn trilogy.
Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Time Art, Fantasy Series, Book Art, Altered
Logain wheel of time
Vin & Obligator
The Gathering Storm · The Gathering Storm by Fallonart
Min Farshaw from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time (WoT) by sampaints on deviantart
24 COMPLETE TITLE LIST "Vital energies generated by inner or outer means Are drawn into
Morraine's angreal Todd Hamilton Robert Jordan, Fantasy Book Series, Todd Hamilton, Books,
The Wheel of Time Aiel battle
2017 Astronomical Events Check out our calendar of some of astronomical events for sky watchers. Most of these natural occurrences can be observed with the ...
Gawyn Trakand by Todd Hamilton
A lil' fanart I did while reading Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn" trilogy, more specifically the first one, "Final Empire" Awesome books, love his work, ...
14 ASIA WATCH Asia Watch, a Washingtonbased human rights monitoring organization, was established in
heres the finished painting. layers Marsh from Mistborn the final Empire. At the end i love the end. ill end up doing another one cause this is not accurate ...
Beautiful deaths: Game of Thrones: Season 5 Chapters: 1-10 by Robert
The Old Tongue Alphabet (found in the back of the New Spring graphic novel)
Spook, Survivor of the Flames
Ebou Dar is the capital city of Altara
by: ravensribbon / The scene where the whole dynamic between these two changed, and Kaladin Stormblessed finally realized he wasn't the only one with a crap ...
one of my favorite characters from the Wheel of Time series, Logain
Galería de obras del artista Jon Foster - Gallery of works of the artist Jon Foster
Sazed from Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson. one of my favorite characters ever. higher
iPadrtistic intentions (Human, The Koloss)
In what way are Indian women writers similar to but also different from one another?
Since finishing the Mistborn series, I've been very loving the Stormlight Archive and wanted to try a depiction of my two favourite characters.
Kelsier - Mistborn: The Final Empire. I'm Planning on doing this one this year. I have most of it done.
Emperor's Soul
2ª Era de Mistborn - “The Alloy of Law”
Inspired by the gemheart hunt in Brandon Sanderson's "The Way of Kings". If
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Jasnah Kholin La Saga, Character Art, Character Portraits, Character Concept, Character Inspiration
It's not finished, but I don't know if I ever will finish it, so I'll just go ahead and post it here. The ...
COMPLETE TITLE LIST 19 paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha", and on the synthesis of Madhyamika
One of several interior illustrations drawn for Terris: Wrought of Copper, the worldbook supplement to The Mistborn Adventure Game, out now from Crafty.
lydiafutral: A character design for a Steel Inquisitor, one of my favorite baddies from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy.
Mistborn Vin Venture, is the inspiration behind the line. (Author Brandon Sanderson)
dir. Krzysztof Kieslowski
Lorrain 65 38 The Gathering Storm Version 1 by Fallonart
Women from the Wheel of Time: Min Wheel Of Time Books, My Books,
Daily life of a Wandering Chemist
The Blue Ajah at TarValon.Net is an incredibly diverse group of strong minded people
sets posts - knightofleo Fantasy Rpg, High Fantasy, Fantasy Story, Dragon Art,
Shan Elariel by Art-Zealot.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
danielgovar: Vin vs the Steel Inquisitors from Mistborn - this was so fun. I wish I had more time to spend on the one. The steel spikes in the eyes of the ...
Elayne Trakand, Queen of Andor and Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, examines an amber turtle brooch angreal. (Though I accidentally made it a necklace, but .
Moghedien · Moghedien by livska